empty regrets

"you're a mess but yes you're beautiful"

my mood swings are ridiculous


i think i’m gonna get an iPhone once the 6 comes out and there’s a price drop on the older models

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buffalo is the best

seriously though i love it here and i’m so much happier and i should just move back ugh.

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i didn’t realize my goal in life was supposed to be finding a career at 22.

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where is my life going?

there are these major life hurdles i’ve had to deal with forever. at least that’s what i’m calling them. they’re preventing me from doing whatever i want, and i believe, truly being happy. first there was school. be successful in school. get good grades. be a straight-A student with lots of extracurriculars and all that jazz. then it was more than just school. it was getting into college. getting into the right college. and all the things it takes to do that. then it was getting scholarships and choosing a major. succeeding in college. having a good summer job. getting good grades. taking the right classes. study abroad. enhancing my résumé. then finding a job. but not just any job. it has to be good enough. a job in my field. a high paying job. it doesn’t matter that i’m just starting out. study more. take the GRE. go to grad school for a field i don’t even know if i want to pursue. and it keeps going.

i thought this would be over. i thought i would finally get the chance to put my life in order and not stress out about just completing the next step. maybe do what i wanna do for a change. but no, that’s not an option. i need to do all the right things. and i worry if it will ever end. or if i’ll just spend my whole life waiting for something that never comes. who knows? maybe once i find my parents’ idea of a “dream job” then there’ll be something else i’m supposed to accomplish. when do i get to be myself? the clock is ticking.

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great. it’s somehow become september and i still don’t know what i’m doing with my life.

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This website is so interesting. You first put down what you feel like you look like, then measure a few places and it tells you where you really are and what your body really looks like and your body shape. It’s so interesting. Below where it says “You are the perfect rectangle” it goes into explaining what that means and outfits that make your body look fantastic and what your “best part” is and how to flaunt it! It’s very cool.


i was surprised by my results honestly

(via billiejoezee)

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sometimes i feel really in control of my life and i feel really good about it. 

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i’m not happy. but i’m not sad either. i am simply content.

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exercise is key

honestly i am so happy and i feel so good today especially compared to yesterday. i think the fact that i went on a bike ride this morning really helped and i think i just have to keep up with exercising.

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