empty regrets

"you're a mess but yes you're beautiful"


This website is so interesting. You first put down what you feel like you look like, then measure a few places and it tells you where you really are and what your body really looks like and your body shape. It’s so interesting. Below where it says “You are the perfect rectangle” it goes into explaining what that means and outfits that make your body look fantastic and what your “best part” is and how to flaunt it! It’s very cool.


i was surprised by my results honestly

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sometimes i feel really in control of my life and i feel really good about it. 

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i’m not happy. but i’m not sad either. i am simply content.

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exercise is key

honestly i am so happy and i feel so good today especially compared to yesterday. i think the fact that i went on a bike ride this morning really helped and i think i just have to keep up with exercising.

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i’m somehow past the point where it’s socially acceptable to eat large amounts of food this late at night. and it feels WEIRD.

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the only thing i’ve learned is that i have the worst luck in the world and i should really just stop trying to go to shows in rochester. i’m so bummed.



what does being successful even mean anymore?


tonight was a good night

so me and my former roommate went to a bar/restaurant for dinnner. and it was super crowded because a band was playing. but we just ordered a glass of wine at the bar and then chilled at an empty table. and then this random lady asked if she could sit with us and she bought us each a drink and it was pretty cool and the food was good and so was the band and it was an awesome night. i had a lot of fun.

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what are the chances?

i wonder how much of a coincidence it is that my two best friends from high school are both openly gay now

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i don’t really even know why i’m going to this job interview tomorrow. i’m like 90% sure i don’t even want the job already. it’s most likely a temporary thing. it probably only pays like $20,000/year, which really is less than i would like to make. i probably don’t actually have a place to live in buffalo immediately. the list of issues goes on and on. yet i am still waking up mega early tomorrow morning to drive an hour and a half for this interview. i know i am supposed to ask more questions ahead of time to work out all those details ahead of time, but for some reason i just want to go. maybe it’s just because i want to get away, or be independent. i just really wanna move out ugh. or maybe i miss buffalo. this is probably true, since i’ve felt homeless ever since i moved. plus i still talk about it like it’s my city and i live there. i’ll be having a conversation with my mom about whatever and i will be like “we have that too”. by “we” i mean, in buffalo. but i’m not living there anymore. i guess i’m just not used to it yet. i want to go “home” but that place really doesn’t exist. i’ve never really felt like this before but i really hate this “homelessness” feeling and i want it to go away.

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