empty regrets

"you're a mess but yes you're beautiful"
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so Chiodos last night… AMAZING. they were so good. the whole concert was awesome.

so we got there at like 6pm because supposedly doors were supposed to be at 6, but that was a lie! we waited outside the venue for like a half hour. and of course it was like 30 degrees and snowing because buffalo weather sucks. and then of course we were only wearing t-shirts because we knew it was gonna get sweaty (it did). once we got into the venue i kinda warmed up a little.

the first band, 68, was not my taste. it consisted of a drummer and guitar duo, with the guitarist singing/screaming over (seemingly random) jamming. all of their songs were less than 2 minutes long. most of the crowd was just standing there like what the fuck is going on. but the weird part was there were these three kids that were really into them. they formed a mosh pit and it was just weird because no one else was really into it.

anyway, next was our last night. i had happened to google them about 10 minutes before we left for the show, so i had high hopes. they were AWESOME! they gave a really good performance, lots of high energy stuff, plus the crowd was really into them. also, the singers (who are brothers) were really young and very cute. they also played a cover of katy perry’s dark horse, which was very good.

then emarosa played. i honestly had no idea what to expect. emarosa hasn’t done anything in like 3 years, since jonny craig left. i had googled the new vocalist, but they don’t have any music with him or anything. last night was their first live show with him ever. the new vocalist was good. he’s no jonny craig, but i think he did a good job on their old songs. the crowd liked him, so that was good. i also got a pick from the bassist which was kinda cool.

it felt like forever in between sets when we were waiting for chiodos. it probably wasn’t even that long, but there was so much tension building up. they finally came out, and i thought i was gonna die from being smooshed by the crowd. i also screamed a ton. also, craig owens is so hot. their setlist was really good. they played a lot of new ones, which i liked. the crowd was intense. my boyfriend and i were next to each other for the first few songs, but once we got to there’s no penguins in alaska, we got separated. i am so glad i listened to the new album a lot, so i was able to sing along to pretty much everything. thomas erak is so cute! he spent a lot of time pumping up the crowd on our side of the stage while craig was running around everywhere else. i was a fan of him. he’s a good addition to chiodos. craig was so happy. he had the biggest grin on his face the whole time. he looked like a kid on christmas and it was adorable. i was happy because he was happy. it was an amazing experience. i was covered in sweat.

i ended up buying a hoodie, because it was only $40 and the hoodies were awesome. it says chiodos on the front and says devil with the album art on the back. the left sleeve says “devil don’t ever let me go” which is from the song looking for a tornado which i like a lot. the hood also has the chiodos “c” at the top. it’s awesome.

so basically, my night was amazing, and i’m so glad i went.

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the weather is fucking with my emotions so much i can’t stand it ugh.

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really how is this a possible weather forecast? i thought winter was over.

really how is this a possible weather forecast? i thought winter was over.

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electropop always feels good on a sunny day like today.

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