empty regrets

"you're a mess but yes you're beautiful"




so I’ve just discovered soundrown, it’s sort of like rainymood except there’s 10 different sounds that you can listen to and combine to create whatever sort of environment you want (i.e. campfire and night, which is quite lovely)


are you telling me i could listen to the sound of a coffee shop on fire

jess no

this is cool

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today was the first day of my internship. it was okay, except i had to park two and a half blocks away and the wind chill was like -25°F. i was mostly just doing boring orienting and interning stuff today, although i did get to make a call and fill an appointment at the end of the day. the head of the department also cannot pronounce my name, which is annoying. i had thought she was hispanic based on her first name, but upon seeing her i’m pretty sure she is asian. the walk back to my car was so awful; i’m glad to be warm now.

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i can’t believe i let my boyfriend cut my hair…


i really need to start wearing earplugs to shows

otherwise i am gonna go deaf. tonight was so amazing although i feel so dead right now. there were two local openers. the first was an acoustic guy who played some covers and some originals. we got there in the middle of his set, but from what i heard, he was good. then a female-fronted band played. i have got to be honest, i’m not a huge fan of female singers for some reason, but i thought they were pretty good. and the bassist looked super familiar. turns out he went to my high school.

next the venetia fair played. oh my god they are so much fun. i think that was my favorite thing, watching them. they are just so crazy and do so many things that are so entertaining. they are definitely on my list of top bands to see live. also i know the lyrics to most of their songs, so that makes it more fun to get into. also tonight benny almost died because his boxes “betrayed” him (aka tipped over when he stepped on them) and he fell onto us twice. luckily no one was hurt.

stolas played next. i didn’t really know what to expect, but i liked their live performance a lot. sergio is very talented at guitar. he is also ridiculously young, but that just makes him look little and cute. also they played circuit theory which is my favorite because it’s really catchy and because donovan sings on it and his voice is like an angel.

i was really excited to go to this show to see sianvar, since they are a compilation thing and they probably won’t tour again soon (if at all). they were so good. they played all five songs off the ep, and they sounded just as good as the recordings. donovan’s voice, just oh my god. i love it. i was really glad i got to see them.

a lot like birds played last. by this point, i was tired and my ears hurt, so we moved to the back of the room. (also, i only know like 3 allb songs.) they played a good show though. during one of the songs, a bunch of the guys from the other bands came in and everyone crowd surfed. it was pretty cool. they did play two of the songs i know (vanity’s fair and kuroi ledge), so i was able to get more into those.

after the music, before braving the cold, we stopped to chat with mr. chark and then with benny and asspoop. the venetia fair guys are so cool, i love them so much. i definitely hope to see them again soon.

tl;dr: my night was made by the venetia fair (as always) and donovan melero’s voice

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i just played guitar for the first time in about a month. i don’t know why i hadn’t played. i missed guitarring.

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does it count if i’m hoping for an accident?


everything is cracked and broken and fallen apart


i wish i had majored in computer science.

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