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"you're a mess but yes you're beautiful"
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Anonymous asked: Are you still in Buffalo?

who’s asking? and why do you want to know? i’m curious.

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So someone on facebook asked me to share my top/most important/most influential albums. So I spent a long time, and came up with this list, in chronological order of when I first listened to the album. I thought I would share it here as well

1. “Meteora” by Linkin Park

So this was the first album I ever bought. I remember distinctly being at FYE at the mall and looking through the CDs on sale. I recognized Linkin Park from the radio so I glanced at the tracklist. I am pretty sure “Numb” was the only song I knew, but I liked the song, so I bought the whole album (back before the days of just downloading a single mp3 file from online). I remember as soon as I got home I put the CD in my Walkman and listened to it, falling in love but also thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” This started my deviation from the “norm” and not just liking pop music.

2. “American Idiot” by Green Day

I’m pretty sure this was the second album I ever bought, and it was very important in terms of development of my music taste. I have called Green Day my favorite band since some time in middle school, and while I don’t follow them quite so intensely anymore, this album and all the other old stuff will always have a special place (wow that sounds lame oh well). I once almost dated someone just because he was a Green Day fan! (Needless to say, it didn’t last. That was the ONLY thing we had in common.)

3. “Enema of the State” by Blink-182

This list would not be complete without a blink album. They have always been one of my favorite bands. I have a hard time choosing a favorite album of theirs, but this one was the first one I bought (probably because “What’s My Age Again?” was always on the radio). So yeah, I was your typical angsty, pop punk middle schooler.

4. “A Night at the Opera” by Queen

Okay so this is definitely the oldest one on the list, but it is such a good album. My parents own it on vinyl (their collection is quite impressive), and my brother used to spin this when we would hang out in the living room. All the songs are so good I love this album so much. It reminds me of chilling on rainy/wintry days.

5. “Let it Enfold You” by Senses Fail

This is the first (and probably only) album I bought, entirely digitally, from iTunes. Back in the day as a regular iTunes user (for mostly singles and random tracks I liked), I frequented the iTunes recommendation page for new music ideas. “Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning” was in the suggestions, so I bought it on a whim after a 30 second preview. I found another track after that one, and also purchased. Before I knew it, I’d bought the whole album. Thus began my “emo days.”

6. “Decemberunderground” by AFI

So I was an AFI fan since I saw a music video for “Miss Murder” in a hotel room somewhere on vacation. I “rediscovered” them a few years later and actually bought their CDs. For a while they were just a band I liked. Then senior year of high school I got really obsessed with them again (remember, “emo days”). This was definitely the album that did it. I would sit in my room alone listening to this CD, staring at the ceiling or reading the lyric booklet (I actually remember doing that). I still love AFI.

7. “Fantasies” by Metric

This album is on here because I can’t listen to it without recalling a specific memory. It was freshman year, I had no car, and I had to do off-campus volunteering for part of a class. This kid drove me and some other people. He drove a nice sports car, with a great stereo, and great acoustics. He played this album, the whole time. For some reason, squeezed into that small car, surrounded by this music, just felt so surreal. The whole thing was such a strange experience, such a weird feeling. I will forever associate this album with that moment.

8. “The Fountain: Music from the Motion Picture” by Clint Mansell

A friend recommended this movie to me sophomore year. The movie is amazing, you should watch it. But the soundtrack really blew me away. I could listen to it all the time. I absolutely love it. My favorite soundtrack.

9. “Who You Are Is Not Enough” by Athletics

This was the first ever post-rock album I listened to, and it opened the door for many more. I kind of discovered these guys because I was creeping on a friend’s Facebook who I knew had good music taste (he actually unknowingly introduced me to a lot of bands).

10. “Plans” by Death Cab for Cutie

Plans is the best Death Cab album. I don’t care what you say. I like to listen to it when driving, especially at night. I really like all the songs and lyrics.

11. “Only Boundaries” by Balance and Composure

I love B&C. I own more Balance and Composure merch than from any other band. This actually might be my favorite album, even though it’s only an EP. The summer I studied abroad in Spain, I had a lot of downtime alone by myself. I ran out of things to do, so I started going through my iTunes and listening to things I hadn’t really listened to before (sometimes I add music and then just forget about it). I fell in love with everything about these four songs. I listened to this album so much that I was able to type out all the lyrics for my iTunes.

12. “Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms. Leading” by The Dear Hunter

So I saw The Dear Hunter in concert over a year before I ever really listened to their albums (they were opening). Acts I-III were other albums I decided to listen to for the first time in Spain. I put them on while we took a bus through the desert from the coast to Sevilla and from Sevilla to Madrid. And also on the bus to and from Barcelona. Although I listened to all three Acts, Act II stuck with me the most. They are all concept albums, but I think the length of this album makes the story much clearer. I also love the concept so much. I can’t listen to this album without picturing the endless Spanish desert.

13. “Bilo 3.0” by David Maxim Micic

This album. Words cannot describe. Found it through a friend. It’s the perfect mix of everything. I really love it. I listened to it multiple times every day of spring break this past year. I even made my dad listen to this album. Everyone should listen to it. The whole thing.

14. “The Greatest Generation” by The Wonder Years

I have always been a fan of The Wonder Years, finding their lyrics very relatable to my general outlook on life and unwillingness to “grow up.” This album, I feel I relate to better than ever. I have gotten really emotional listening to it (yeah, actual tears) and it is pretty important to me.

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my mood swings are ridiculous











A NYC grad student working on food stamps for her thesis has released a free cookbook for those living on $4/day.



oooooh this is so nice!

I believe it’s important to eat well, even when you’re strapped for cash. It’s good for your health and energy! This cookbook is full of delicious and healthy recipes, the ingredients of which are fairly inexpensive.


Boost so hard. Feeding yourself well is a challenge when you”ve got little income


(just to give you an idea, my food budget is 30 euro/week at most [about $38] and I have to maintain a healthy diet due to weird medication side-effects and yeah, basically this book is a lifesaver if you’re broke but need to watch what you’re eating)

omg yes i need this!

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i think i’m gonna get an iPhone once the 6 comes out and there’s a price drop on the older models

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The problem with depression is


-You know you’ll be ok, but you still feel awful.
-You know people love you, but it doesn’t feel like they do.
-You know doing something will make you feel better, but you just don’t know how to.
-You want to be well, but you just can’t seem to get there.

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